Whataburger #DaleKick Bloguero Program

WhataburgerKEY OUTCOMES:

  • Online reach of over 1 million users
  • Developed #DaleKick, a Latino blogger campaign in 5 cities in Texas
  • Engaged over 40 Texas Blogueros with the Whataburger brand

Whataburger is a longstanding and recognizable food brand in Texas. Recognizing the the growing Latino consumer base in Texas, Whataburger wanted to reach out to this population in new and innovative ways. Through a partnership with Hahn Public Communications,                                             MRC was tasked to create a marketing campaign that connected with Latinos in Texas.

The team understands the importance of Latinos in Texas and their impact in the digital space. The team created #DaleKick, a Latino blogger campaign in 5 cities in Texas. We invited bloggers and influencers be part of the Whataburger #DaleKick Bloguero Mixers in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and McAllen. A Bloguero Toolkit was developed and for each of the bloggers and we created a Whataburger experience for each event that included #DaleKick messaging, food tastings, speak bubbles, placemats and provided interactive ways for the bloggers to share their experiences online. In each city, blogger and author, Mando Rayo served as host for the Bloguero Mixers.

By connecting with the bicultural, social and digital Latino, the team created a successful Latino marketing campaign for Whataburger. Through the Bloguero Mixers, we were able to connect 40 of the top influential Latino bloggers in Texas and reach over 1 million users online.