Our Approach & Inspiration

While some agency models are traditional and conventional, we find it important to offer an approach reflective of how the marketplace is transforming. Let’s face it, mass marketing and million dollar TV spots don’t connect like they used to. Brands and consumers deserve better, they deserve to connect from the ground up – we call this a fully integrated, community-based approach to marketing and advertising.

As a team we are inspired by change and ganas!

CHANGE: By change we mean the future. The multicultural market is currently defining what it means to “run the game.” From trends to leadership, grassroots to online communities, this market wants meaningful engagement and is more definitive on the role brands and organizations play in their lives.

GANAS: Translated softly into “the willingness to make things happen,” MR+C is driven by a desire to help our clients pave their own path with their target and give them to tools to engage them with ganas! It’s also in our DNA to stay on top of trends, support our communities and be the influencers in the process.