KLRU-TV, Austin PBS + Latino Americans


  • Developed the #MiHistoriaATX digital video campaign and online strategy
  • Captured 27 video interviews of key influential Latinos
  • Reached over 30K online users


As part of the national documentary premier, “Latino Americans,” the Austin-based PBS affiliate KLRU-TV developed programming for Hispanic Heritage Month. To introduce Latino Americans to the Hispanic community, KLRU partnered with the team to create a digital marketing program and raise awarenessof the series.


The team developed YouTube-style videos that reflect the Latino experience and capture their stories to share through KLRU’s social media assets and channels.


Our team captured 27 video interviews of key Latino influencers based in Austin, TX. Each participant shared their story based on a set of questions and expanded on their experience of what it means to be Latino in Texas. Content was created from these videos that was shared on KLRU social media channels. As a result the Latino community became involved in viewing, sharing and celebrating these 27 individuals. This spotlighted the “Mi Historia ATX” program and raised awareness of the series and reached over 30K online users.