Revolución Saison Ale

First there was el book, now there’s la cerveza! That’s right, we now have the perfect beer to go with your tacos! We’re excited to partner with Independence Brewing to introduce our very own taco beer – Revolución Saison Ale.

Revolución Saison Ale – The Tacos of Texas and Indepedence Brewing are taking the tacos to a whole ‘nother level with Revolución Saison Ale. It’s a perfect complement to your carne asada, fajitas, carnitas or even tacos al pastor. So Tejas, join the Revolución and wash down your tacos with our Saison!

So move over margarita in a can & Ba’light lime, our #RevolucionBeer is as complex as the taco, rooted in the sabores that go perfect with carnitas, carne asada, familia y amigos. This is a taco revolución, representative of the people (like this Taco Journalist!) and no matter what you hear on the inter-webs, tacos, just like it’s people are here to stay! Salud.

Revolución is a limited summer release so pick it up at your local HEB or Specs in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas.