Helping Nonprofits with Marketing Campaigns, One Goal at a Time

Written by Delilah Bennett, MRC Intern

For nonprofits, budgets are tight but dreams are big. At MRC, we strive to help nonprofits meet all of their marketing goals within their communities. However, sometimes nonprofits just want to focus on achieving specific, smaller goals. This is where we come in with quick-fire strategies, engagement with digital influencers, big idea concepts, or even evaluating your messages from a multicultural standpoint. This is an approach worth considering.

We had a great time using this approach with Southwest Key Programs, founder of the charter for East Austin College Prep. In a short period of time, we helped Southwest Key Programs meet their goal of developing a community marketing campaign to raise money for scholarships for the first graduating class of East Austin College Prep. To tackle this goal, we created the campaign – Dreams Never Settle. The idea is that even though students and families live in East Austin, they can still dream big and don’t have to settle on these dreams because of where they live or their economic situations. We developed the campaign and microsite for #DreamsNeverSettle where we showcased stories from students and East Austin entrepreneurs.

The campaign included the following:

– Dreams Never Settle microsite
– Information about the school, its history, and mission
– Information about fundraising events and links to blogs and social media sites
– Videos of students discussing their experiences, their dreams, and how the program has impacted them
Dream Big Video Series
– a unique and empowering video series with local entrepreneurs, such as the founders of Franklin Barbecue, Hops & Grain, and Hoover’s Cooking, sharing their stories, how they dream big and inspirational advice to East Austin College Prep students.

Watch Aron Franklin’s inspirational video here.

aaron franklin_franklin bbq

The results included the development of an inspirational campaign, a branded microsite, empowering videos with East Austin influencers including Aaron Franklin, Josh Hare and Hoover Alexander. The videos were featured in the Austin American-Statesman and had over 3,000 Facebook views. This marketing approach is a great way for nonprofits like Southwest Key Programs to make a big impact in a cost-efficient way. To learn more about the campaign, check out Dreams Never Settle microsite.