Content for Latino Millennials at #FestivalPEOPLE

MRC was proud to partner with Mercury Mambo and work on the 2014 Festival PEOPLE en Español. We were tasked to develop content and programming that speaks to today’s Latino Millennials through celebrity panels and sessions that were provocative, bilingual & engaging. This included talk shows, a tribute to a Latin American icon, live performances and Q&A’s with Latino celebrities as well as developing the script for the 2 day conference and activating our Texas Bloguero program. Below is the case study highlights.

CASE STUDY: Festival PEOPLE En Español


Partnered with agencies to develop program and festival content for a 2-day conference inclusive of celebrity panels, interactive and activations. Talent content management and programming proved to be successful along with a Festival blogger program reaching over 1 Million users.


PEOPLE en Español’s annual Festival aims to entertain, inspire and unite Hispanic families around an unparalleled celebration of culture. Festival PEOPLE en Español has become one of the year’s most anticipated celebrations of Hispanic culture featuring today’s hottest celebrities, expert panels and family-fun activities over Labor Day weekend. PEOPLE en Español wanted to create relevant content in order to reach Latino Millennials and tasked MRC to develop the overall content strategy and programming for the 2-day Festival.


We know that content needs to be relevant and engaging in order to reach Latino Millennials and that bicultural Latinos are more in tune with what is happening in both Spanish and English media. With these key insights we sought to develop content for panels and sessions that were inclusive of this experience, bilingual, and provocative. This included talk shows, a tribute to a Latin American icon, live performances and Q&A’s with Latino celebrities. From a boxer to telenovelas and Hollywood stars, the main theme was INSPIRE THE NEXT GENERATION. It was also important to offer a customized Texas Bloguero program that helped elevate the discussion online using #FestivalPeople.


By developing content that was fresh, new and fun, we were able to connect to today’s Latino Millennial at Festival PEOPLE En Español. Overall, we developed 27 sessions including a Tribute to Don Francisco, The Game-Changer Spotlight with Becky G, Zendeya, Leslie Grace, Matt Hunter & Miguelito, the opening ceremonies, a Border in Crisis panel with Congressmen Joaquin Castro and Cuellar and Henry Cisneros, Latinos in Hollywood and telenovela panels and much more. We also activated the Texas Blogueros program reaching over 1 Million users during #FestivalPeople.

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