Austin Taco Tour – Curated Experience for General Mills/Old El Paso

Take one part Austin vibe, 2 parts taco culture and 10 parts blogger engagement, what you have is a customized taco tour for General Mills & Old El Paso. MRC developed and curated the Austin Taco Tour as part of Old El Paso’s #FrshestBloggers on the Web campaign kick-off. We worked with the General Mills team to host 10 bloggers from across the U.S. take a deep dive into the Austin taco scene which included touring Austin’s taco trailers and restaurants, sampling over 12 tacos each, insights into the food scene in Austin and everyone received a copy of the taco bible, Austin Breakfast Tacos.

The Austin Taco Tour featured the go-to taco trailers and restaurants in Austin including:

  • Veracruz All Natural – Best Migas in Town (1704 E. Cesar Chavez) Veracruz All Natural is one of Austin’s hidden gems. Reyna and Maritza Vasquez and their family make everything from scratch, from the tortillas to the Al Pastor. Veracruz is known to have the best Migas in town. Specialty: Fresh tortillas and breakfast tacos (Vegetarian friendly)
  • Joe’s Bakery and Restaurant – Old school Tex-Mex (2305 E 7th Street) Joe’s Bakery – where every Mexican knows your name. When you come to Joe’s, you’re like familia. They’ve been serving Tex-Mex since the 1950’s. Their specialties are the barbacoa and the battered bacon and of course, the pan dulce. Specialty: Breakfast Tacos & the bacon
  • TacoDeli – New ways of eating tacos (4200 N. Lamar) Tacodeli is one of Austin’s favorite places to get into the new taco scene. From breakfast tacos with roasted corn and rajas to Banh Mi & pork belly tacos for lunch, Tacodeli has been serving up organic, locally sourced eggs and meats from the area to make their taqueria a true Austin experience. Specialty: Organic, fresh, breakfast and lunch (Vegetarian friendly)
  • Rosita’s Al Pastor – Best Al Pastor in town (1911 E Riverside Drive) Whether you go to the trailer or the brick and mortar restaurant, Rosita’s will transport you to Mexico, serving up the best Al Pastor and “that green sauce” that Austin is known for. Specialty: Tacos Al Pastor

Thanks to the General Mills team for partnering with us on this fun project! Photos and images courtesy of General Mills.