Want to bring in more Latinos to the arts or performing arts? Make it fun, relevant and family friendly. We had a great time developing “The New Classico – Bringing the Opera to Unexpected Places” program for the Austin Lyric Opera. In a short period of time, we were able to host an intimate event at the Emma Barrientos Mexican-American Cultural Center and introduce influential Latinos to the opera. Our outcomes included the following:

    • Developed the creative – The New Classico – Bringing the Opera to Unexpected Places
    • Invited influential Latino leaders to serve as The New Classico Leaders
    • Partnered with Latino creatives to bring in children’s activities – Thank you Proyecto Teatro!
    • Utilized the Leaders and social media to invite the target audience
    • In the end, a captured audience, an intimate evening with 40 influential Latinos and introduced them to the Austin Lyric OperaALO New Classico Flyer