Trends, Tidbits Y Más at Hispanicize 2014

There’s a plethora of marketing conferences aiming to push out the latests trends on technology, marketing, and all the hype. As you may know, few take the lead on offering unique discussions and forward thinking insights that involve the Latino market. With that in mind, I had the opportunity to attend Hispanicize, a fairly new conference created for “Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in social media, journalism, advertising, PR, film, music and innovation.” I was excited to take a deep dive and avoid the old and tired discussion on Census #s and buying power stats.

After attending, I discovered that the conference focused on highlighting an important contributor, consumer and creator from the Latino segment – the powerful Latina.  From brand activations, to presentations and entertainment it was clear that all of it was put together with the Latina perspective in mind. I’ve captured some interesting trends, facts and just tidbits that kept me excited and hopeful that the spotlight will continue to shine on this Bold Latina across all stage fronts.

Google Catering to Small Businesses: Latinas are growing businesses faster than most markets, leading Google to become relevant and realistic since half of small businesses don’t have a website. For this reason, Google is partnering with Chambers of Commerce to give businesses a free website for a year using the message  “Get Your Business Online Con Google.”

The Ambicultural Latina: It’s pivotal for brands to know that Latinas can transcend between cultures without any hesitation. Even more interesting, being ambicultural helps Latinas navigate the corporate environment. “Cultural gifts,” like being energetic, energizing, being able to execute, the passion and having an edge, need to be deliberately exercised by Latinas at the corporate level. – Strayer University

La Bloguera: Blogueras are becoming entrepreneurs not just journalists. They lead with the power of content and can heighten or destroy reputations –  “Content is Queen NOT King.” –  BodenPR

The Importance of Social Currency: Brands and bloggers need to understand that impressions aren’t important, it’s about engagement, much like a virtual handshake. If a blogger has smaller numbers, their reach can be supported by shares and reposts. For this reason bloggers should focus on having an authentic community and message because true influence means that your community trusts and will show up for you.

The New Cricket: You may have heard the recent news that AT&T successfully completed the purchase of Leap Wireless Inc., which operated the Cricket wireless brand. The best of Cricket and AT&T’s Aio Wireless join forces to introduce the new Cricket – a powerful force that provides customers a different kind of wireless, without an annual contract. Check out the New Cricket.